To Live for God

Say, “My prayer, sacrifice, life, and death are all for God, the Lord of the Universe. [Quran 6:162]

What does it mean to completely give your prayer, your sacrifice, your life and your death for Allah?

It means your every action, your every thought, your every intention and your every spoken word is rooted in your love for Him.

It means that when you are treated badly by someone, you don’t lower yourself to their level because your life and death is for Him, so you don’t wish to dirty your book of deeds just because of an ego hit. There is no ego, because for there to be an ego it means your life is for YOU.

It means when you are heartbroken, and suffering from loss, suffering from sacrifice, you recognise that perhaps you have lost a teardrop but he has granted you the ocean. You see through the loss, and actually feel glee as you realise you can prove, you can PROVE to Allah that even if he takes something away from you, your love is not so fickle you turn away from him haughtily in rebellion, because nothing in this world has captured your heart nor is worth more than the pleasure of your Lord.

It means you live your life in a way that when death comes you are ready to meet your Lord because your whole life was a preparation for that very moment. It means you die with a smile because at last! At last! The moment you have waited for your whole life has arrived, Allah is calling you, and you respond with a heart that beat its whole life a countdown to this moment in anticipation.

It means your salah, is not a series of actions you’ve learnt for the sake of ticking a box. Nor is it something you take lightly, or even worse, neglect. The Fajr adhan gives you shivers of joy when you hear the addendum “Prayer is better than sleep” and every limb testifies to this as you rush out of bed to catch the ajr waiting for you at this blessed time of night. You stand upright, fighting back tears of humility to be able to stand, when others cannot, to be able to live to say this prayer, when others cannot. Your prayer is not for show, nor for the pleasure or praise from others. Your heart feels it constricting in your chest as you realise this very action could be what saves you from the penalty of the hellfire. You understand even though your prayer is for Allah, it is you, YOU who benefits from the mental peace and detachment that salah offers, the purification, the ablution of the heart it provides.

You were granted free will, and whilst the Heavens and the Earth cowered in fear of it and rejected it, you took up the challenge.

But even with this free will, you still made your prayer, your sacrifice, your life and your death for Him. And it is for that reason, Allah is waiting to forgive you and enter you into Paradise.

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