Obsessively Keeping Up With The News

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News. The constant bombardment of atrocities is always served with the feeling of paralysis. Sometimes there is nothing we can do about it (except pray). But psychologically it has its effect.

You see, no kind soul wants to see evil and let it be, so as a defence mechanism we are either low-level stressed or simply numb….which in turn may blunt our abilties and emotions to deal with our immediate situations in our own lives.

If everyone in the world looked after their family and their neighbours and their communities as Islam promotes, this would actually ensure the whole world gets looked after. Most atrocities can even be tied back to the family life, e.g. abusive upbringing creates future dictator, neglected female falls into terrible situation with online paedophile etc. Islam truly hits the nail on the head when it promotes community and family cohesion. Keep abreast of the news in general, sure, but do you know the news of your children in the next room? The pain of your neighbour next door?


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